Playing Sports Instills Values

Will Selva’s latest post about Hispanic Athletes.

Playing a sport instills values in the player. Work ethic, teamwork, respect and the ability to overcome adversity are all key qualities which playing sports teaches. Those who begin playing from a young age will ultimately learn these values more quickly. They might have grown up watching certain sports with their families and learned to embrace their competitive spirits early on. They might even be inspired to play and compete by their parents or siblings. Whichever path led the player to his or her chosen sport, the player gains immeasurable qualities and experiences learning how to thrive on a team and understanding the value of a strong work ethic. Check out the presentation below to learn more:

Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.47.06 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.47.33 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.47.50 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.47.59 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.48.28 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.48.38 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.48.59 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.49.08 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.49.26 Screenshot 2014-12-17 18.49.35

from Will Selva: Sports Broadcasting

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