The Blitz on Colin Kaepernick

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is feeling an onslaught like any other he’s faced in a game. If it was on the field, he could just tuck it, throw a couple of stiff-arms, and gallop past the first down marker. It’s an instinctual reaction that Kaepernick absolutely needs to heed when facing an equally sticky situation off the field. At the first sign of trouble, get out. We still don’t know the extent to what happened in a Miami apartment earlier this month. Kaepernick claims that things are being made up about him that never happened.


In the coming days and weeks, we should be getting more drips and drabs of information that may or may not prove the young signal-caller’s assertion. Fact is, Kaepernick needs to understand that as an NFL quarterback, fair or unfair, he’s held to a completely different standard than everybody else. It’s just that simple. Not only that, he so happens to be part of an organization that has a deep and storied lineage of legendary quarterbacks. Some 49ers fans openly opine that Joe Montana and Steve Young would never put themselves in a situation that puts their reputations in doubt.

While that’s likely true, it might be a little unfair to Kaepernick who is touted as a millenial quarterback for this period of time in the NFL. Besides, he has his own distinct personality and by all accounts, he’s a thoughtful young man. Still, in a time of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, he needs to be that much more vigilant about what he does, who he chooses to associate with and exercise good judgement. Even if this all blows over, the stench may be lingering for awhile. It’s not like Ben Roethlisberger is getting a ton of endorsements and he’s won two Super Bowls.The other loose thread is his contract situation. This certainly won’t help. Kaepernick wants Joe Flacco money, between $18 and $20 million a year and based on what he’s done in his brief career, he’s likely in line for it. However, we nary hear a peep about Flacco’s off season activities. It should be that way. Kaepernick needs to aim for this kind of tranquility just like he aims for a first down.